Ball Transfer Tables and Platforms – Layouts

Ball transfer tables and platforms allow multi-directional movement of goods between conveyor lines and workstations.

Alwayse design and custom build to your particular production requirements. Above all we are innovative, ideas focused, passionate and knowledge-rich. So whatever materials you need handling, Alwayse are a smart move.

Ball Transfer Tables and Platforms – loads off your mind

Without doubt, Ball Transfer Tables and Platforms save time, money and effort. They deal with loads from 1 kg up to a remarkable 10 tonnes per Ball Transfer Unit. In summary, to work out how many you may need, follow these simple rules:

  • Weigh what you need to be transported. Divide by 3 to give the maximum load for any single ball unit.
  • Calculate pacing of units (we call it ‘pitch’) by dividing the narrowest dimension of the article by 3.5. This ensures that 3 Ball Transfer Units are supporting the load at any given time.
  • A number of pitch/spacing options are available. Square, Diamond or Elongated. What’s best depends on the item being moved.
  • If you need to move delicate materials, choose a nylon or phenolic load ball.


Used to achieve a close pitch spacing between units. 

If you’re moving an item narrow in width or length, square pitch spacing offers a smart choice.


Used to achieve a pitch spacing between units with the next row only half the pitch spacing. 

Diamond or Staggered pitch spacing offers a smart choice as the load only has to move half the pitch between units. Then the next row of units support it. Additionally, less ball units are required per m² compared to if the units were on a square pitch spacing.


A useful option when moving long items where the same pitch spacing is not required across the length as across the width. 

With elongated pitch spacing, fewer units are necessary to support the load, providing there are enough units across the narrowest dimension.

To sum up, here are just a few of the key benefits to consider with Ball Transfer Tables and Platforms.


  • Move precision equipment and materials smoothly and precisely.
  • Move loads 360° in any direction instantly.
  • Minimum effort saves on all the heavy lifting.