Ball Deck and Table

Allowing multi-directional movement of loads between conveyor lines and workstations.

The depth of our technical knowledge speaks for itself, as Alwayse has 80 years of experience developing ball transfer units. When we say that we’re the right choice when it comes to ball transfer units, you can trust us.

Our units are hand tested for peace of mind and are designed and custom built to your particular production requirements. There are a number of pitch / spacing options available, depending on what you’re moving. From the most delicate of materials right up to 10 tonnes, smoothly and precisely.

What are the Benefits of an Alwayse Ball Deck and Table

Manual handling, vehicles such as forklift trucks and overhead cranes all provide real risks to your employees. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) accounted for 8.9million lost working days in Great Britain in 2019/20, with manual handling estimated to be the main cause. Accidents involving forklift trucks happen every week on average in the UK. Working with cranes poses many hazards, and without precautions in place, injuries or even fatalities can occur.

Using an Alwayse ball deck or table makes forklift trucks and overhead cranes unnecessary. They can be integrated into various types of equipment, including workbenches, assembly lines, or conveyor systems and when compared to overhead conveyor systems, ball transfer units often require less complex infrastructure and therefore less maintenance. A ball deck or table provides a high degree of flexibility and control during material handling operations, therefore reducing the physical strain and fatigue associated with manual material handling.

For these reasons, using a ball deck or table typically involves lower risk of accidents such as collisions, tip-overs, or a fall from height, contributing to a safer working environment for your employees.

Additionally, a ball deck or table offers a truly carbon neutral method of moving loads as they don’t use an energy source. Plus, because of our build quality, you’ll only need to buy an Alwayse Ball Transfer Unit once. That reduces the total carbon footprint and your energy consumption even further in comparison to products with a lower level of quality.

We significantly improve output, efficiency and safety, while reducing costs. That’s why we’re Alwayse the right choice.