Ball Unit Design and Construction

What is a Ball Transfer Unit? Alwayse Ball Transfer Units are a multi-directional, material handling system that moves loads smoothly and precisely.

Smart, clever and has a multitude of different and innovative uses.

But what actually is a Ball Transfer Unit?

Quite simply, it is a multi-directional materials handling system created by Alwayse to provide smoother and more precise movement of loads.

It consists of a large load-bearing ball which sits upon many small balls encapsulated in a hemi-spherical cup. By reducing friction, it allows heavy loads to be moved with a minimum of effort.

What’s more, it allows easy 360° movement of loads. Instantly.

Genius, we think.

ball unit explanation

Alwayse invented the Ball Transfer Unit in 1941. he revolutionary ‘all-ways’ directional capability became synonymous with the company, and from there the Alwayse brand was born. For the last 80 years, we have been designing and manufacturing innovative movement solutions for virtually every application imaginable. We are a modern, ideas-driven business focused on providing our customers with smart solutions, no matter how challenging or unique their requirements. To that end, Alwayse Ball Transfer Units can move heavy loads (up to 10 tonnes) smoothly, quickly and safely in any direction with little effort and great precision.