Our in-house testing and research facility exists to ensure we continue to deliver best-in-class products for our customers.

We have the widest range of Ball Transfer Units in the world with load capacities up to 10 tonnes. We test each of our products to make sure that they meet the highest possible standards. Each ball unit is individually tested and batch coded for full traceability prior to dispatch.

Our experienced R&D team benefit from continuous investment, enabling focus on driving new innovation and solutions to industry needs.


Customers are safe in the knowledge that our range is fully tested for reliability and durability using a range of testing methods:

  • Lifecycle analysis (both distance and time).
  • Metrology.
  • Loadings.
  • Operational temperatures.

Our policy of continuous improvement, in both equipment and production methods, means you can be certain of finding a reliable and long lasting solution for your project, whatever your industry. Over the years, smart ‘out of the box’ thinking has helped us to develop into the world’s most innovative provider of multi-directional solutions. From launching NASA into the stratosphere to sending Jaguar Land Rover into overdrive, there’s alwayse a smart solution. That’s why we’re alwayse a smart move.